About ARSG, Inc.

ARSG (Alliance Retail Services Group), Inc. is a national marketing resource and solutions company serving the diverse needs of clients from manufacturers to retail organizations and corporations. We specialize in developing customized brand management, building displays and providing quality products to a diverse range of organizations looking for top-tier solutions in sales, service, management and customized education. We are founded with the mission of providing truly exceptional resources and solutions to our many esteemed clients, and this commitment to total satisfaction continues to distinguish our work today. ARSG is a member of the Illuminators, which focuses on education, leadership and partnering within the grocery industry.

We pride ourselves on excellent quality paired with an extensive range of capabilities to bring a client from the first idea to a successful, finished project. As a provider of one the country’s top retail reporting services, ARSG looks forward to making your organization part of this celebrated history of achievement.

Our Leadership

We believe that solid leadership and teamwork is fundamental to sharing our vision of excellence with the world, which is why we encourage you to read about our leadership team and their stories of success.

Joe Smith – CEO / Chairman

Joe has served his country as a United States Marine, first in the infantry and then as a Marine assigned to the 2nd recon division. After being discharged from the Marine Corps, Joe joined Crown BBK brokerage. Joe held various positions during his 13-year tenure with Crown including Vice President of Merchandising and Group Vice President of HBC/GM.

Joe accepted the position of Senior Vice President/National Sales manager for a national sun care company and worked with them for 3 years before joining PIA Merchandising as the Director of Confection – C Stores.

Joe spent 4 years with PIA before meeting up with two Crown BBK alumni, George Schnitzer and Cynthia Simms, and joining them at Marketing Professionals. Joe went on an expansion and acquisition tour and upon completion, Marketing Professionals became ARSG (Alliance Retail Services Group), Inc. Now, ARSG is a national corporation and has developed and owns their own technology company – Sync USA.

George Schnitzer – President

George began his career in the food industry with A & P, rising to Grocery Manager by the age of 17, Store Manager at 21, and leaving at 22 to join the Food Brokerage industry.

George began his career in sales and merchandising in 1969 with Dominis Cook McFarland. He accepted the role of Merchandising Manager and then Retail Supervisor before leaving to join Baker Bishop King, the predecessor to Crown BBK, and later at work with Advantage Sales and Marketing.

George started a new food brokerage in 1987, Exsell Sales and Marketing. George returned to Crown BBK in 1991, serving as Vice President of Grocery Sales. He later worked at Core Mark until joining Marketing Professionals in 1999. George served as President of Marketing Professionals until growth resulted in a merging of companies now operating as ARSG, Inc. George continues to proudly serve as President of ARSG, Inc.

Cynthia Simms – Chief Financial Officer

Cynthia joined Crown BBK in 1980 in the retail department, then merchandising, and lastly serving as the Merchandising Manager. Following Crown BBK, Cynthia joined Main On Foods, makers of Twin Dragon Almond cookies, as Regional Sales Manager in 1985.

In 1990, Cynthia accepted a position with a new brokerage company, Excel, as a partner. Cynthia continued on with her career by accepting the position of Western Regional Manager with Perfect Endings/Culinar Sales in 1995, and became responsible for new distribution, sales and management of brokers and distributors. With the arrival of 1999, Cynthia acquired the position of Western Regional Sales Manager with Robinson Knife Company of Buffalo, New York.

In 1984, Cynthia started the company Marketing Professionals to assist small specialty manufacturers. As changes occurred in the retail industry, the company adapted to answer client requests; it became the resource and solutions company that is now known as ARSG, Inc. As of 2009, Cynthia is the corporation’s CFO and senior partner.

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