Headquarter Sales

ARSG, Inc. is your reliable partner for headquarter sales solutions. Our experts handle every aspect of managing headquarter relationships combined with only the most effective coordination of product assortment and pricing, brand promotion and item placement. From headquarter calls to routed call coverage and beyond, our tailored solutions strive at every point to build consumer engagement and interest to result in the dramatic improvement in sales our clients deserve. Our process of headquarters sales management works in several divisions: category management, shelf management and relationship building.

Category Management

ARSG performs in-depth consultation with retailers to ascertain the best way a certain product category fits into sales strategy. Our category management process is backed by both industry experience and detailed market analytics, which means that each product is carefully selected and categorized to achieve maximum sales growth. We employ consumer research and reviews to construct a framework that works to the advantage of each individual product and goes hand-in-hand with pricing and promotion strategies.

Shelf Management

We understand that at the retail level, effective shelf management is key for optimizing sales and brand promotion: every square inch of space is important and its use affects the larger business plan. We provide the solution with specialized shelf management plans that effectively use precious retail space to its full potential.

Relationship Building

ARSG manages important headquarter calls and aims to make every interaction a valuable step in building trusted relationships between organizations. Our team members are informed by consumer trends, demographics, market structures and specific brand knowledge to sustain and grow business relationships that benefit every agency. We believe that reliable and informed relationships are the key to realizing the vision of our clients.

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