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In a world where consumers make split-second purchasing decisions, there are no second chances at first impressions. That’s why a defined marketing strategy is vital to push products off shelves and into carts. Here at ARSG, we create opportunities for our clients’ product lines to grab the attention of the consumer and drive sales.
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ARSG takes into account complex consumer behavior as we provide recommendations for the purchase environment. In a retail environment, no brand is an island; it is placed into a context of similar products. ARSG optimizes the layout of product categories to tap into the psychology of the consumer.

Whether we are creating a product display, coordinating a merchandising reset or assisting with a new store set-up, our associates consider the sales impact a design or marketing decision will have.

Manufacturers know and understand their products; they are best equipped to project their own coherent brand image. But when products are placed on shelves or listed online, brands must compete for shopper attention, leading to missed opportunities for sales. ARSG can provide clear, industry-tested counsel to inform and adapt our clients’ current marketing strategies, complementing their brands and yielding shopper conversions.

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